Prepare for Version Certification 2018

2018 is here, and we're already gearing up for the next Version Certification at the 2018 cPanel Conference. You can get a head start, though! As new major versions are released, we'll update the study guide here with the overview as it applies to the certification, so you can be ready for it on the day of the exam.

Prepare for the Exam

Thinking about embarking on our second annual cPanel University Version Certification program? Here's where you should begin. Below you'll find a general summary of the changes and features involved with each of the four cPanel & WHM releases that may be covered on the Version Certification exam, available exclusively at the 2018 cPanel Conference.

Before you get started, we want to equip you with a general summary of the kind of content you can expect to see. The exam questions will cover both the front-end and the back-end impact of the changes and implementations involved in each of the four versions included in the certification. The links below will provide you with some official documentation and change lists; however we always recommend doing some additional digging, through online communities, test environments, or by simply asking questions.

This basic study guide alone won't be enough to help you acquire this certification, but at the least it will give you a head start. It won't be impossible, but it certainly won't be easy. Take your time in preparation, and give it your best shot - we're looking forward to challenging you.

cPanel & WHM 68

Read the following topic list for a summary of the some of the Version 68 highlights that will be covered in exam.

  • Support for Virtuozzo 7
  • We now support Virtuozzo 7
  • Authentication update for Amazon S3 version 4
  • We updated our Amazon S3™ module in cPanel & WHM version 68. The new module uses Amazon S3 version 4 authentication, which supports all S3 locations.
  • EasyApache 4 supports mod_http2
  • EasyApache 4 now provides support for the use of the mod_http2 Apache module.
  • This has moved from "Experimental" status, to "Supported".
  • This is not compatible with the mod_itk module (ITK handler).
  • Learn more from our own cPanel Support Analyst Michael Blandford's 2017 cPanel Conference presentation.
  • phpMyAdmin Performance Setting
  • If you disable this setting in the Tweak Settings interface within WHM, the system disables information schema searches within phpMyAdmin in MySQL by enabling the DisableIS option.
  • This may improve phpMyAdmin performance for servers with many databases, especially during initial interface access and database dumps.
  • AutoSSL Notifications
  • 3 new notifications are sent to the cPanel user: "AutoSSL certificate expiring soon", "non-AutoSSL certificate expiring soon", and "AutoSSL successfully renewed a certificate".
  • 6 new notifications are sent to the system's administrator.
  • Notifications can be disabled normally, either via cPanel's Contact Information interface, or in WHM's Contact Manager interface.
  • Spam Detection Notification
  • The detection script runs every 15 minutes and evaluates mail sent in the past hour per email account.
  • More than 500 unique messages (excluding mailing lists) triggers a notification email to the systems administrator.
  • This feature is enabled on new installs, but disabled on upgrades.
  • This feature can be enabled or disabled in the Contact Manager with the setting "Large Amount of Outbound Email Detected".
  • Other New Notifications
  • Controlled via WHM's Contact Manager interface.
  • Cgiemail Cleanup Script: When the clean_cgiemail script is run, either manually or automatically, this notification will be sent.
  • Maximum Hourly Emails Exceeded: This is a new notification for the existing feature "Max Email Limit Per-hour". In the contents of the notification, it will also identify which limit was violated, whether it's the Tweak Settings-defined Global Limit, the Modify Account-defined Account-level Limit, or the Domain-specific Limit which is set manually from the command line.
  • Update Blocker - System Cannot Install RPMs: If upcp can't install a test RPM early in the upcp process, this notification is sent and the update stops
  • ACL Changes
  • We added 17 new ACLs to WHM's Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges interface.
  • We added 18 default ACLs that cannot be removed from resellers.
  • /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/fix_reseller_acls is run during the upgrade process to add the new ACLs to existing resellers.
  • Many existing ACLs were renamed for clarity.
  • Resellers must now possess the Modify and Create Locales ACL in order to access WHM's View Available Locales interface.
  • The Demo and Any ACLs were removed.
  • Individual File Restoration
  • This feature requires that cPanel Account backups are enabled within WHM's Backup Configuration interface.
  • Both cPanel users and WHM administrators can restore individual files using their new respective interfaces.
  • MultiPHP INI Editor Changes
  • zlib.output_compression setting added to compress pages when browser sends an Accept-Encoding: gzip or deflate header. cPanel's Optimize Website interface now directs users here for PHP compression.
  • Interface support for updating the post_max_size directive has been included.
  • Custom PHP directives are now possible. Reference our Create Custom PHP Directives documentation for additional details.
  • FTP Automatic Reconfiguration
  • Treats PureFTPd and ProFTPd the same.
  • If the config file is missing, a default config is put in place and the original config file is renamed.
  • If the config file fails a validity check, a default config is put in place.
  • Apache Configuration Changes
  • If you have an ssl_vhost.local file that overrides the default, it will be disabled during the upgrade.
  • /var/cpanel/userdata files no longer determine the location of a virtual host's SSL certificate. Custom values in these files are ignored.
  • SSL certificates are now stored in /var/cpanel/apache_tls/$domain.
  • An index of the certificates is now in a SQLite database at /var/cpanel/ssl/apache_tls/.index.sqlite that can be rebuilt with /scripts/rebuildinstalledssldb.
  • This new method dramatically increases the speed of SSL management and Apache restart times on servers that host large numbers of SSL certificates.
  • Deprecated and Removed Items
  • MySQL50 and MySQL51 targets were removed from the rpm.versions systems.
  • Feature Spotlight was removed from the cPanel interface, along with its associated feature in the Feature Manager.
  • Recently Uploaded CGI Script Mail notification was removed from WHM's Contact Manager.
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