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Test your skills now, or develop your skills further with the cPanel University coursework.

Tech Courses

Starting in 2016, cPanel University began unveiling courses to teach users about cPanel, WHM and how to solve common issues. The currently available courses follow two distinct tracks: Administering Servers with WHM, and Administrating a cPanel Server from the Command Line.

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Sales Courses

The cPU Sales courses cover the features, benefits, and technical usage of cPanel & WHM. Prove you have what it takes to help sell your next cPanel & WHM server, cloud instance, or VPS servers.

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cPanel University was developed to provide those supporting and selling cPanel products and services with an opportunity to become certified with cPanel & WHM. By conquering the cPU Certifications, you’ll become an accredited and recognized expert of your craft.

  1. cPanel & WHM Sales Certification (Sales)

    The cPU Sales course covers the features, benefits, and fundamental usage of cPanel & WHM. Prove you have what it takes to help sell your next cPanel & WHM server, cloud instance, or VPS server.

  2. Coming Soon!
    cPanel Professional Certification (cPC)

    The cPanel Professional Certification is the first step in technical cPanel & WHM certification. We designed it to test your understanding of internet technologies and cPanel interface administration.

  3. cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification (CWA)

    The cPanel & WHM Administrator Certification tests your knowledge on service administration, ranging from Webstack setup, to Email troubleshooting, to custom DNS configurations, to administrating SQL engines through WHM.

  4. cPanel & WHM Systems Administrator I Certification (CWSA-I)

    The cPanel & WHM Systems Administrator I Exam requires an in-depth knowledge of managing a cPanel & WHM server from the command line. You will show your abilities using our provided scripts, troubleshooting common issues, and safely making decisions that affect an entire server.

  5. Planned!
    cPanel & WHM Systems Administrator II Certification (CWSA-II)

    The Veteran Technical Exam requires an array of expertise to complete. You will be required to prove your understanding of cPanel, inside and out, with the skills to conquer most issues.

  6. New! Only at the Conference!
    Get Version Certified in 2017

    cPanel’s 2017 version certification test is unique. You will be able to demonstrate your superior knowledge on all the new features in versions 60, 62, 64, and 66. Not only will you have bragging rights for the next year, but you will be a resource for customers and coworkers who need to know what’s new in cPanel. Check out the study guide to begin your preparation!


Our certification exams let you know that you have qualified personnel. Our cPanel University coursework will be great for filling in the gaps in your employees knowledge and onboarding new members of your team.

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Why cPanel Training?

cPanel understands that learning new software can be daunting. With a large product like cPanel & WHM, figuring out where to start can be a challenge. So we’ve created cPanel University Training Coursework, designed to get you started and help you out along the way.

Exams Taken

Total number of Exams taken versus passed all time.

Passed 3143 24%
Not Passed 9745 76%
Level Distribution

The distribution of all certifications obtained, sorted by level.

cPC 0 1%
CWA 991 32%
CWSA-I 419 13%
Version 2017 0 0%
Sales 1689 54%


Who doesn’t like a little competition? Companies can compete against themselves or with other companies to have the most certified technicians under their roof.


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